Carnival Time

24 Feb

I didn’t sleep much last night. I haven’t been posted in a long time because a lot of things have been happening, all too fast for me to digest and share. Last night/today is as low as I have ever felt. The person I love the most doesn’t think I support her, I don’t have her back, that I am holding her back and “trapping” her, that I punish her. I’ve never failed so badly or been so low.

I slept like an hour and came to work. It is apparent no one here likes me either. I tell everyone not to knock on my “office” door, to just come in, and it only makes them more timid somehow. Everyone says “sorry to bother you” like I am doing nuclear physics, not ordering pants.

No one who has to extend an extended period of time with me likes me. And the one person who I thought at least understood where I was coming from hates me the most of all.


Happy Mardi Gras.



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